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Hello ~ Merhaba ~ Bonjour ~ Shalom ~ Hola ~ Buon Giorno~ Salaam ~ Sawa Dee-ka

Baharat is the Arabic word for spice. The recipe for personal style should include jewelry - something that adds a little extra flavor - to bring out your essence. Baharat Jewels offers unique, handcrafted, and colorful jewelry to women who enjoy looking special, sophisticated, and a bit spicy!

Baharat Jewels was created in early 2013 by Michelle Renee. It was the culmination of a lifetime of creativity - from crocheting to rubber stamping to cake decorating and beyond; you name it, she's probably tried it.

Michelle has been making jewelry for a long time - giving it as gifts and selling to friends, family and co-workers. She was first intrigued by jewelry when she was allowed to play in her grandma's and mother's jewelry boxes. As a young adult, decided to make earrings to match her outfits. People on the street often commented on the pieces and asked where they could get them. 

After an inspiring trip to Morocco, Michelle became inspired by the vibrant colors, intricate design and exotic cultures of North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey and Southeast Asia - "It was amazing to see to see how much detail and beauty is incorporated into the most basic and everyday objects; not to mention the skills needed to create them first hand."

All of the jewelry is handcrafted in New York City using sterling silver incorporated with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and pearls.

We hope you enjoy the jewelry as much as we do creating it for you.